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The Biggest Furniture Stores in the USA

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1410-43Ask any American the question ”What are the biggest furniture stores in the US?” and 99% you’ll hear the names of Ikea, Crate & Barrel, Pottery Barn, Ashely Furniture Home Store and LAComfy… In fact, there are more than a hundred stores that are not smaller than the mentioned ones, but somehow those have failed to expand to the concepts rather than just big furniture stores.

They Are More than Just Big Stores

Any big name is not just a company or a store – it is a concept. Ikea, Crate & Barrel, Pottery Barn, Ashley Furniture Home Store and LaComfy have managed to create something more than just an assortment and package of services. They do provide these, but do that in their special way, that is bringing more and more customers to them every day.

They Have Managed to Achieve More… How?

There is no point in listing all those winning features which have made the stores so much success dwelling on each and every of them. We’ll take LAComfy and try to explain in a few sentences particularly what has made the outlet one of the most acknowledged furniture stores in USA:

1. The selection of furniture pieces on offer is more than just extensive. The store provides any item included into the categories of indoor, outdoor and bedroom furniture as well as respective accessories. Direct cooperation with highly regarded manufacturers has enabled the store to offer high quality products only (among which you can find unique designer ones) at the fairest prices charged on the US furniture market.

2. Being one of the most active furniture retailers LAComfy provides the most comprehensive package of services ranging from all kinds of regularly provided specials to furniture assembly and installation. In other words, highly qualified store’s personnel will assist you with any issue, be it a discount, best shipping option or kitchen furniture installation.

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